Some Beifong Ramblings in Preparation for “Old Wounds”

Last week’s episode “The Metal Clan” is one of my favorites so far. We haven’t really heard much about what Toph did after Avatar ended except that she founded a metalbending school and became chief of police. I never really thought much about what Lin’s life was growing up. To be honest, I really didn’t like her when she first debuted but by “And the Winner Is” from Book 1, I grew to like her. Now Lin is one of my favorite characters. She has so much resentment built up inside of her and you can’t really tell whether it’s really aimed at her sister or if it’s at her missing mother.

Su told Korra that both she and Lin competed for Toph’s attention. I don’t think Toph was a BAD mother, I think that she was just an overwhelmed single mother I can’t even imagine how she could have held down a full time job and raised two kids in addition to her blindness. I know her bending made up for a lot but it still had to be extremely challenging. Most people assume that Aang, Katara, and Sokka were there to help her raise her kids but what if they weren’t? Plus, we know that Toph regularly visited Zafou until some time before Harmonic Convergence—no one seemed too concerned that she hasn’t “been seen since”. How often did she return to Republic City to visit her eldest daughter? One would assume before Korra arrived in Republic City as she really isn’t mentioned much except in past tense and in flashbacks. 

One of the episode premiering tomorrow, “Old Wounds”, has the synopsis of “Beifong must face her past” and since she’s staying with her sister it seems the perfect time to do such. A note to those who haven’t heard: the very talented Grey DeLisle (voice of Azula from the original series) will be playing the younger Lin. So I will be very interested to see how tomorrow’s episodes turn out.

Jane Fonda Update

There’s been word that Obama is honoring Jane Fonda with an award about the 100 Greatest Woman of the Century. After some research, I found out this is a popular chain letter that started in the late ’90s. So, I found the most relevant article I could find and decided to share with you all.


Green Dot Government Grant Scam!!!/ The Story of “Steve”

I’ve been telling everyone I know this so they don’t fall for this. I thought I would share this on here so hopefully no one else falls for it.

I’ve been getting calls from numbers like 874-551-23 and 1-999-99 from people that sounded like they were from the Middle East. I understand that English isn’t everyone’s first language but they definitely didn’t sound like worked from “The United Grant Department” in Washington, DC (a department that probably doesn’t even exist). I usually called it a scam, told the person (Frank, Joe, Paul) to stop calling me, and hung up but the most recent one I decided to just go with it to see how ridiculous it would get. (I’m an unemployed broke college graduate that lives in the middle of the woods, got to get my kicks somewhere, right?)

So I got my Dad and we listened to Jack Thompson (who was extremely hard to understand and got very upset that we couldn’t understand him) as he told us that I had qualified for a $9,000 grant from the United States Government since I paid all my taxes and hadn’t filed for bankruptcy. He didn’t even care as I tried to tell him that I didn’t pay taxes as I didn’t have a job. “Jack” then gave me a confirmation number and a telephone number to talk to his Supervisor “Steve” since I wasn’t going to give them my bank account number or any credit card numbers. The phone number I was given was (206) 855-6792. My dad told me to call him but not to give him any personal information like bank info or my social security number.

Steve was another person who was not very fluent in English and told me that like Jack, he was calling from Washington, DC. Steve told me that if I wanted my grant money, I would have to go to a local Western Union and buy a Green Dot Debit Card and load $250 and then call him back with the card information. I was reluctant and thought that this was a little odd but after he kept insisting, I promised to call him back after I talked to my father.

More Info on Green Dot Card Scams

An Article from the Federal Trade Commission

Then, I did some research and found out that this is a very popular scam. Scammers from other countries will use fake phone numbers (usually numbers that in the US only have 4-7 digit numbers when most numbers have around 9 including area codes). Others you can call back, like Steve’s. I did a reverese look up on his number and found that the number WAS from Washington…Washington STATE!!! The scammers will have you purchase Green Dot cards so they can take the money that you have loaded onto it and transfer it to their accounts. People fall for this thinking that it’s safer than giving out bank accounts or credit card numbers but you are still being scammed! 

I lost my temper and called Steve back. I told him that I wasn’t born yesterday and I knew that he was scamming me. When I asked him where he was REALLY calling from, he gave an address 200 Independence Drive in Washington DC. This is a known address given during calls about fake government scams. I told him to never call me again and hung up. Well, he kept calling me and calling me and I refused to answer the phone. Finally, my Dad stepped in and answered the phone. He told Steve that if he called me again, he would personally come to Washington to kick his…you know. I haven’t heard from him since.

More Info on Fake US Gov Grants

I hope that no one else falls for this. A lot of people that are targeted are people like me and my friends: people that are either recent graduates from college, current college students, or people that are just down on their luck. They find your phone numbers (I never give my personal cell phone number out and that’s how they were contacting me), your names, and even get a hold of your addresses. Please, I don’t care if anyone reblogs this or not. I’m not putting this on here for popularity for my blog. But please, spread the word and stop these people.

Thanks for reading.

I used to hate playing GTA online because everytime I entered a sever, someone tries to kill me for funsies in freemode. I got into it again after realizing I could just do solo/invite only sessions and just do missions, races, and all that other good stuff with crew members. I recently jointed Late Night Hustlas after watching one of Cry’s videos on YouTube and it’s a lot of fun. They’re a lot more fun to be around than the last crew I joined.


shout-out to everyone who doesn’t have a mother

shout-out to everyone who lost their mother

shout-out to everyone who has a strained relationship with their mother

shout-out to everyone who doesn’t want to feel obligated to someone just because they gave birth to them but are in fact a terrible parent

shout-out to everyone who has their own reasons for not celebrating today

I usually dread Mother’s Day because of some of these reasons. This post makes me feel a bit better. Thank you.

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So. I have a confession to make. One that will make me lose followers and/or have angry fangirls breathing down my neck.

Idon’treallylikeSupernatural. I mean, I tried several times but the story is too confusing to just sit down and start from new episodes and every attempt to start the series from the beginning people either spoil the storyline for me when I’m really starting to get into it or the people I follow on here (for my other interests) post nothing but spoilers and I lose interest. It’s like reading Harry Potter for the very first time from the first book and someone gives away all the twists that kept you reading. I’ll just wait another few years and give this another try.

So…I’ve decided I would sit down and watch Supernatural from the beginning after seeing so much Supernatural related stuff come up on my dashboard. What are my chances of coming away and NOT being addicted?

I’ve been hearing a lot about a Legend of Korra movie directed by M. Night Shymalan and starring Kristen Stewart. This is just a joke…right? I’ve been hearing it for a couple months now but not from any concrete sources.